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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 26; How on earth is this a 1-1 series?

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James "Snottie Drippen" Holas returns to try and make sense of the Thunder's poor showing in Game 2, as well as show appreciation for Steven Adams, before naming his All-NBA team.

If this season has taught us anything, it's that this Thunder team can play absolutely terrible on any given night. But it was still startling to see it happen on such a grand scale against such a banged-up opponent. Especially after they absolutely trounced that opponent just two days before. After such a disappointing loss on Tuesday night, I needed someone to talk to that would keep it 100 percent real and wouldn't sugar coat things.

My guest isn't one to mince words, and ESPN even posted a feature on him yesterday about his unabashed hatred of the now-retired Kobe Bryant, and that whole Temecula thing from a couple Christmases ago. He's James Holas (aka @SnottieDrippen) and if you've been following our show, you've heard him on this podcast before. We talked about his experience as the subject of that video, but not before he set me straight on just where this Thunder team stands today.

Some other topics we touched on: Serge Ibaka's disappearance in second-halves, Anthony Morrow's inability to find consistent minutes, how under-appreciated Steven Adams has been this season, and whether or not KD or Russ should be First Team All-NBA.

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