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Sounds of Thunder: Oklahoma City Thunder start playoffs with a show of force

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Here is the tall tale of just how it happened.

Not long ago in an office not too far away....

From the privacy of his office, with furrows of worry etched into his brow, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti called for his messenger drone....

... much later than expected, Singlerbot arrived in the Land of Sunshine.... (the lubricant obscuring his optical sensors resulted in a missed exit in Memphis that led to an unnecessary detour to Toronto, Canada)

CRASH!!!.... BANG!!!.... WHIRRRR!!!!..... FIZZLE!!!!!!............... pop....s-s-s-s-s-s-s...

Undaunted, O-Billy Wan patched Singlerbot back together and sallied forth to an unknown destiny in far away Oklahoma.

With a daunting task before him and little time to prepare, O-Billy Wan began...

First on his list was a trip down under in search of an enforcer. A force of nature that would strike fear in the heart of his enemies. He found his man, taught him the ways of "the Force" and returned to OKC with:

"TE TOA" ...the fearless warrior

Next was a trek to darkest Africa, and from the Congo, a shot blocking demon was found. Seemingly carved from the finest teak and making the ladies swoon, O-Billy called upon:

"SURGE" the protector

O-Billy knew he had power, now he wanted finesse. He went to Presti and left his office with a case full of money and flew to Turkey. There he found the scoring side-kick he sought and brought to OKC:

The boy wonder, "ROBIN KANTER"

Now that the foundation was laid the time had come to finish the structure. Off to the home of Cheese Steak sandwiches and the Liberty Bell where O-Billy found a flamboyant flyer who did not know the meaning of fear... even in those times when he should. O-Billy Wan searched the city far and wide and then in the harbor on Waiters Island he found:

"NION" ...the step back king

In his travels O-Billy Wan came upon a youth who had not tasted the bitter dregs of NBA battle. "He is not ready yet", O-Billy declared but the youth, unaffected by the rejection, would not be denied and became:

"THE ROOK" aka "The Maestro" aka "the Cam-paign" aka "Killa Cam" aka "Cam"

Many wondered why O-Billy Wan answered Presti's call and left the comfort of the Land of Sunshine for an uncertain future. The answer to their query was as old as time itself... for glory, for fun, and for the money... but also because he had felt a shift in "the Force" that must be corrected. The disturbance was the result of a dark entity that had arisen and must be eradicated in order to restore harmony:

In Oklahoma City, O-Billy Wan sensed there were two heroes that had a chance to defeat O-Mega Three and restore balance to the universe. All they needed was...."the Force".

In the months that followed those questions were answered and "the Force" transformed the heroes into:

However, the transformation was not an easy one. Years had hardened the pair into a set way of battling the forces of evil but in time they began to trust their new comrades and embrace the ways of "the Force", reaching heights they had never seen. They accomplished feats unmatched in decades and took their place among the legends like the Big O and his Airness, but their quest was incomplete.

Thrice the Super Dudes faced O-Mega Three and failed. O-Billy Wan knew that more were needed to complete the gauntlet. so he headed west in search of an equalizer. The quest was not an easy one because it required getting high into the remote regions of the Rockies Mountains of Colorado, no pun intended... but there was no choice because it was the home of the defensive savant known as:

"ROBES" the relentless.

Now, with the pieces he had assembled O-Billy Wan formed:

The Legion was unleashed on an unsuspecting Dallas Mavericks team that was ill-prepared for the carnage that ensued. It was truly a marvel to behold as the Thunder posted a victory by the largest margin while allowing the fewest points in franchise playoff history.

O-Billy Wan even got some mileage out of:


Lubricant still blocking the ocular sensors.

(You know, it is amazing the crazy things you will do to kill time before tip-off when it has been two years since you've seen your favorite team in the playoffs but I digress....)

The final member of the Legion isn't hard to find but he is a secret. He moves with deadly silence and strikes with little warning before his enemy has time to react and when the time comes to finish O-Mega Three, all O-Billy Wan has to do is whistle and...


...will pour down in buckets and buckets and...

And this is just the beginning and not....