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Thunder vs. Mavericks First Round NBA Playoff Schedule Released

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It all starts Saturday at the Peake!

Our ball!
Our ball!
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In the last game of the last day of the regular season, the Memphis Grizzlies lost to the Golden State Warriors. That cemented the Dallas Mavericks as the sixth seed in the Western Conference, and the Thunder's opponent in the first round of the playoffs.

As the three seed, the Thunder have home court advantage. Historically, the Thunder and Mavericks have met twice in the playoffs before. The first time was in 2011, when Dirk's Mavericks defeated the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, 4-1. The Thunder and Mavericks met again the following year, this time with the two seeded Thunder sweeping the seven seeded Mavericks in the first round. Both series featured some really close games and last second shots, despite the wide final margins.

Fortunately, the Thunder were able to defeat the Mavericks in all four meetings this season. The upcoming schedule for the series was just released. It all starts on Saturday at 8:30 PM in OKC.

Any initial thoughts on the Thunder's playoff matchup?