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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 24; Closing out strong

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Chris returns to talk to Cray about everything he missed while he was away. Can the Thunder just coast until the playoffs? Is Chris underrating the Spurs? Also, Buddy Hield and #FreeAnthonyMorrow.

I'm back! Cray did a terrific job in my absence, so good in fact that I needed him to catch me up on everything I missed while I was away.

I've been trying my best not to be "that guy" and and talk about how great of a time I had in Europe but, like, it was really, really cool. So cool that I didn't even miss the constant stress that the 2015-16 Thunder have brought me so often this season.

My trip also just so happened to coincide with arguably the best stretch of basketball the Thunder has played all season. Who are these guys?! This isn't the team I watched before I left. These guys move the ball. These guys get everyone involved while still getting memorable performances from their two stars.

The point is, I missed a lot and I needed Cray to get me back up to speed with just how we got here. We still found ways to complain about Donovan's disdain for Anthony Morrow (much to the delight of our own R.K. Anthony). I also stated my case for why I'm not that worried about the Spurs, before Cray kind of brought me back down to Earth. We closed with some NCAA Tourney chatter, which neither of us really pay attention to, save for our mutual love for Buddy (!!) Hield.

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