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Recap: Thunder titans stampede over tiny Blazers, 128-94

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It doesn't get much easier than this.

W. Bennett Berry

The Oklahoma City Thunder have absolutely smashed the Portland Trail Blazers in an extremely vindicating victory, 128-94. With 6:07 to go in the second quarter, Oklahoma City took a 20 point lead and didn't look back. Russell Westbrook was one rebound away from a triple-double at the half, while Damian Lillard shot under 50% and had 4 assists to 4 turnovers.

On the Thunder's end, they were just unstoppable. Every player but Kevin Durant and Nick Collison shot 50% or better. Durant shot a palatable 6 of 15. On the whole, the team had 31 assists to 13 turnovers. The bigs in particular had a sublime performance. Enes Kanter was pretty much unhindered by Mason Plumlee as he waltzed to the rim for 26 points. Steven Adams was able to do his usual pick and rolls for 13 easy points on near perfect 5 of 6 shooting. Even Serge Ibaka got into the act, nailing 5 of 6 wide open mid-range jumpers and 1 of 2 threes. The Trail Blazers doubled the penetrating guard (mostly Westbrook), and it really didn't pay off.

Cameron Payne got some minutes today, and it was glorious. Sure, Payne didn't really play point guard. (Foye did, strangely.) And sure, Waiters will probably get all of Payne's minutes next game. But at least Payne was getting minutes, and at least KD was getting the ball inside of the three point arc.

Russell Westbrook Triple Double Highlights

Marina's Awards

Thunder Wonder: Russell Westbrook, triple double in the third quarter

Thunder Down Under: Enes Kanter, 26 stat filled points

Thunder Blunder: Nick Collison, you know the blowout rules, gotta hit a shot

Thunder Plunderer: Chris Kaman, he was pretty good in garbage time.

Next Game: At the Boston Celtics, Wednesday, March 13th, 6 PM Central Standard Time.

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