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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 21; Thunder/Spurs preview with San Antonio Express News' Jabari Young

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San Antonio Spurs' beat writer, Jabari Young, joins the show to preview Saturday's Spurs/Thunder matchup and discuss just how good this Spurs team really is, if the Thunder has any hope of matching up, and if Kevin Durant is as loyal as Tim Duncan.

I've gotten pretty lucky with guests so far on this show, and have had quite a few respected bloggers share their opinions about the teams they cover/root for. This week, I went one step further and got an actual, real life reporter.

With Oklahoma City set to face San Antonio for the first time since the season opener on Saturday, I welcomed San Antonio Express News sports reporter and Spurs beat writer, Jabari Young, to preview the matchup. Jabari is basically the Spurs' Anthony Slater, so I knew that I couldn't really argue with him too much because he is as plugged in as anybody with that team.

I really enjoyed our conversation even though he sort of pointed out the harsh realities that are facing the Thunder these days. Sure, I found myself nodding vigorously to Marina's post about not counting out this OKC team, and I think the Thunder matches up as well as anybody against the Spurs simply because they have never had an answer for Russell Westbrook, who is too athletic for the old school Spurs. But Jabari's take on why Westbrook may not be enough is certainly compelling, and it's interesting to get the viewpoint of a team that is looking down at the Thunder not just in the standings, but in overall stature as well.

Listen in, and check out Jabari at the San Antonio Express News as well as on Twitter at @JabariJYoung.

Also, listen in to the opening minutes as I lay out our new contest where one listener can win a Thunder jersey of their choice, simply by leaving an iTunes and/or Stitcher review.

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