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Sounds of Thunder: Oklahoma City Thunder fall short against Golden State Warriors

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The Thunder came away with a loss, but they left a message.

Coach Billy Donovan met with the press after the Oklahoma City Thunder failed to defeat the evil O-Mega Three in the closing minutes Saturday night. The questions started with the usual overall thoughts on the game, but then....:

There it was.... the elephant in the room.... the question everyone wanted answered.

Donovan froze, his eyes ablaze with unexpected anger and a hush fell over the press room. Everyone held their breath and every camera fell silent. This was a side of Billy Donovan none of them had ever seen.

Clearly agitated, Donovan paused and took off his jacket. Then he closed his eyes and took a slow deep breath. Once he had regained a small measure of control, Donovan opened his eyes and glared at the reporter that posed the expected yet suddenly offensive query.

"No." He then said in a voice as hard as steel, "HE IS NOT!"

THE ROBE!!!!!! ....OMG!!!!.....

Thunder fans, tune in Saturday night, February 27th.....same Thunder time.... same Thunder channel..... for ...


Don't miss it!