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Sounds of Thunder: Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder, Calling all Superheroes

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Beating a team that is threatening to break the all-time regular season winning record may require the Thunder taking their game up a few notches..... could someone give Billy Donovan Superman's cell phone number?

After another long day of pouring over countless statistics, Sam Presti was tired.  He locked his desk and was about to head home for some much needed rest and time with the family when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's face suddenly appeared on the League Emergency Teleprompter:

"What can we do to help Commissioner?"

"We need.... HIM...." Silver finally replied.

Wasting no time, Presti contacted Thunder coach Billy Donovan and called for an emergency press conference to break Silver's news to Thunder Nation.... arch-criminal O-Mega Three must be stopped:

Donovan expressed his concerns after Presti made the announcement:

IT'S TIME!!! Kevin Durant presses "ACTIVATE"......

....and from the smoke and devastation arises...


Will our hero release the contemptuous O-Mega Three's stranglehold on the NBA? Can the Thunder overtake the Warriors? .... could this guy help?

or will O-Mega Three's reign of terror continue?

Tune in Saturday..... same Thunder Time.... same Thunder Channel... for:

.... to find out.