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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 20; Reliving the Steph Show and previewing Thunder/Clippers

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Looking back on Saturday night's epic loss to the Warriors (and KD's choke job?) with Cray Allred and looking ahead with Clips Nation's Lucas Hann to the upcoming matchups and fight for the 3-seed with the Clippers.

Hopefully everybody is recovered from Saturday night's primetime epic against the Golden State Warriors. It's tough to look ahead and not dwell on what could have been, but that's what the Thunder - and, in turn, I - must try to do. Still, before doing that, I had to rehash that game with our own Cray Allred to try and make sense of it all. Did Kevin Durant blow it? Was that a good game for Billy Donovan or an awful one? Is Stephen Curry even fair?

Then (around the 31min mark) I welcome on Lucas Hann from Clips Nation to talk about the Thunder's upcoming matchups with the Los Angeles Clippers and the battle for the 3 seed. I floated the idea last week that maybe it wouldn't be so bad for OKC to fall into the 4 spot, so we spent quite a bit of time talking about that before I tried to get him to admit that DeAndre Jordan isn't that good.

You can find Lucas at Clips Nation and on Twitter at @lucasjhann.

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