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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 18; Is OKC better off as a 4 seed?

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James Holas (aka Snottie Drippen) returns to the show to discuss OKC's two-game skid, including Sunday's blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as what the heck is wrong with Dion Waiters. Chris and James then predict award winners and ask: Would OKC be better off as a 4 seed?

Great news! We're going to have our first-ever two episode week. My initial plan was to bring on James Holas for his second appearance, because his opinion is one I'm always interested in, especially in times like these when the Thunder seem to be coasting their way to the playoffs.

Then, the Thunder went and made a trade with the Denver Nuggets for Randy Foye, and so I had to get the low down on what they could expect from him. I had planned on talking to Jeff Morton from SB Nation's Denver Stiffs just to get a quick background on Foye and then head into more talk with James. Instead, Jeff and I talked for quite some time on everything from Foye to Andre Roberson, and I enjoyed it so much I figured it needed to be its very own episode. So we will be back on Wednesday with that episode.

In the meantime, James and I talked all about the Thunder's ugly loss to the Cavs, their collapse against Indiana, the abysmal Dion Waiters, and predicted award winners for this NBA season. I also had been toying with this idea over the weekend that maybe OKC would be better off as the 4 seed, so I had to get his take on whether or not that was crazy talk.

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