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Phil Naessens Show: should the Thunder trade Kevin Durant?

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Oh, Phil. You've done it again.

© Mark D. Smith

On this week's edition of the Phil Naessens Show, Phil has a plan. A plan to remake the Thunder. A plan to remake the Thunder which involves swapping Kevin Durant for...

Oh, now you've done it.

From Phil:

On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show Peachtree Hoops  Managing Editor Kris Willis joins Phil to discuss all the crazy trade rumors surrounding the Atlanta Hawks and the guys also discuss the top ten NBA Eastern Conference teams. Ball in Europe curator and broadcaster Emmet Ryan joins Phil to discuss this weeks Euroleague basketball matchups and also a closer look at Euroleague’s individual scoring leaders and Welcome to Loud City Managing Editor J.A. Sherman joins Phil to take a closer look at the top ten seeds in the NBA Western Conference and Sherm listens in as Phil decides to fire Oklahoma City Thunder General Manager Sam Presti and fix the Thunder plus more NBA talk!!

Check out the whole show and let Naessens know what you think about his plans for OKC!