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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 15; Finally previewing Thunder vs. Warriors

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Talking all about the upcoming Thunder/Warriors matchup, Steph Curry guaranteeing a win, whether the Warriors would rather face OKC or San Antonio in the playoffs, and #KD2GS with SB Nation's Golden State of Mind.

Finally, finally, finally! It feels like all season the story surrounding the Thunder - and any team, really - is that sure, they look good, but can they beat the Warriors? Cleveland was sobered on Christmas Day. Same with the Spurs last week. Well, the time has come for the Thunder.

The last time the two teams played was a full year ago, on Jan. 16, 2015, when the Thunder out-paced the Warriors 127-115. Kevin Durant actually played in that game, and Russell Westbrook had a triple-double with 17 assists. I'd be lying if I said I had much memory of that game, but the fact that a full-strength Thunder essentially just out-scored the Warriors, even without playing stifling defense - something that is definitely still the case today - is at least a somewhat positive sign going into Saturday.

Still, this is an even better Warriors team, and the Thunder will certainly be the ones with something to prove. It's the game Thunder fans have had circled on the calendar all year, and it's finally here. To talk all about the matchup, and so much more about the Warriors, I welcomed Hugo Kitano from SB Nation's Golden State of Mind.

We talked about everything from who the Warriors would rather face in the playoffs: Spurs or Thunder, Steph's comments from this past weekend when he essentially guaranteed a win, and I even entertained the idea of Kevin Durant signing in Golden State in the offseason. Sorry, I had to.

You can find Hugo's work, along with many others, at Golden State of Mind, and you can follow him on Twitter @HugoKitano.

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