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Oklahoma City Thunder news roundup: Russell Westbrook is at the top of his game

For now, all is good in the land of Thunder

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s recent romp has spawned a whirlwind of approbative adjectives and accolades. Descriptors such as unbelievable, stunning, dominant, and unforgettable have defined the team’s current six-game undefeated march.

As OKC has fostered a penchant for dispatching foes while throwing caution to the wind, Russell Westbrook’s play has transcended the circumscript boundaries of NBA generational lines.

Overall, Westbrook has encroached upon rarefied status while averaging 29.2 pts, 14.3 reb, and 13.5 ast throughout the Thunder’s cold-blooded assailment about the Northwest Division ranks. While December blossoms, a robust 14-8 Thunder iteration sits comfortably aloft the division it claimed last season.

Naturally, with both singular (Westbrook) and collective success bright shining, Oklahoma City has risen as a hot-item within the NBA’s news headlines. Along that sentiment, here is a look at recent articles which highlight the Thunder’s unanticipated achievement.

Oklahoma City defining success as a team:

Brett Dawson of News OK delineates the impact of Oklahoma City’s supporting cast throughout “the streak.”

The symbiotic nature of Westbrook’s triple-double efforts:’s Royce Young explains why Russ’ all-around efforts have lifted his supporting cast.

Oklahoma City’s most recent triumph:

NBA.Com’s Nick Gallo eloquently recapitulates the Thunder’s recent victory over Atlanta. Addendum: What has happened to the Hawks?

Russell Westbrook’s run for the ages:

Yours truly examines Westbrook’s protean production, while enumerating how each point, rebound, and assist is essential for OKC to thrive.

Enjoy the links, Thunder nation. And also, remember that Oklahoma City returns to on-court action Friday night (8 PM ET) when hosting the entertaining Houston Rockets.

Until next time.