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Tsunami hits New Zealand after large earthquake; WTLC reaches out to community

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The staff at WTLC reaches out with our thoughts and best wishes to our brothers and sisters affected by the natural disaster in New Zealand

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City Thunder
Through Steven Adams Oklahomans have come to know the people of New Zealand better and have found them to be kindred spirits.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years, Welcome To Loud City has developed a close bond with several amazing Thunder fans from the country of New Zealand. Unfortunately, this morning an impactful 7.8 magnitude earth quake triggered a tsunami that has imperiled this great basketball loving land.

Our very own “Kiwi Warrior” Steven Adams is a proud New Zealand native whom has a substantial number of family members and friends affected by the calamitous events to strike along the island’s coast.

At the moment, details pertaining to this morning’s natural disaster are still emerging. As more information becomes available, Welcome to Loud City will keep you informed.

Another purpose of this post is to offer a gathering place for all those whom wish to express their feelings concerning this situation. This includes, of course, a place for our friends from Down Under to let us know they are all right. PLEASE CHECK IN, Ringo, Sammy, everybody.

All our warmth,

Welcome To Loud City Staff and R.K. Anthony


New Zealand Herald reporting two fatalities in the aftermath of this morning’s massive earthquake.

For the latest updates, use the link posted above to the New Zealand Herald. They are airing new videos on a regular basis.