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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - Episode 40; Replacements for Cam Payne, trips to Spain and Russ’s MVP campaign

WTLC’s Brandon Jefferson joins to discuss the Thunder’s two preseason games in Spain and make some predictions for the 2016-17 season: Will OKC win 50 games? Will Russell Westbrook win MVP? Will Steven Adams be an All Star?

Hi. Hello. It’s been a while.

To be honest, ever since July 4th, looking ahead to the season has seemed like a daunting task. Not only for the fact that the Thunder would be trying to overcome the departure of its franchise cornerstone, but also because we’re in a middle of an absolutely absurd election that has made following the Thunder seem insignificant.

Luckily, there’s only a month left of that, and as the reality of a new season (look, preseason games!) is setting in, I’m getting my groove back. I wanted to do a light preview and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do that with than the guy that writes our weekly “forecast” columns, Brandon Jefferson.

We talked a little about the games in Spain (that I didn’t watch), his love for Alex Abrines and Cam Payne, and I came up with some random predictions for the season:

  • Over/Under Thunder wins: 45.5
  • Will Russell Westbrook win MVP?
  • Over/Under Thunder wins vs. Golden State: 1.5
  • Will Steven Adams be an All-Star?
  • Any chance Domantas Sabonis wins Rookie of the Year?

We closed with the Off-Topic 10 and even revealed our AIM screen names. FYI, we recorded this Monday so we hadn’t seen the Kyle Singler Experience yet, so that will have to wait until next week!

Thanks everybody for sticking with the podcast, this was episode 40 and I’m pretty excited to get back into it for this season.

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