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OKC Thunder Podcast: Loud Noises - episode 11; Ringing in 2016 with Player Grades

Chris Hanneke talks to WTLC's resident Oklahoman, RK Anthony about the Thunder's history in OKC, the real reason for Kyle Singler's slump, Serge Ibaka's communication skills, and more as they hand out player grades for the season thus far.

Our man RK Anthony has been busy lately, cranking out everything from game recaps to lessons on automative history. He's becoming a real hit around here, so I decided I had to get to the voice behind it all.

What I've enjoyed most about RK since he came aboard is how deeply "Oklahoma" he is. Like many other Thunder fans, I've never been to OKC - though I drove through it once! - but every time I read RK's pieces, particularly when he takes us on a tour of his first game, or when he gives us the history of how the Thunder came to OKC, I get a real sense of what life is like in the community from someone that has been there since long before an NBA team was even a possibility.

We started out our conversation talking about Oklahoma and the changes he has seen in the city, before getting into the Thunder players themselves and how they have performed so far this season. For those that have listened to previous podcasts, Cray Allred and I agreed that you really start to judge teams around the new year. In some ways, the turn of the calendar is like a new semester, which means we had to get gimmicky and give player grades.

Listen in as we go through each player and grade their performance so far this season. You can find RK in the comments sections and in plenty of posts around WTLC.

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