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WTLC's top commenters for 2015

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The votes are in. You guys are awesome.

WTLC commenter keyboard after a Thunder loss
WTLC commenter keyboard after a Thunder loss

This is a special post that is dedicated to our WTLC commenters. 2015 was a banner year for us here at WTLC, as not only did we create some amazing content for people to enjoy, but our base of commenters - you all - have grown with us.

We'd like to congratulate the following commenters for taking from their time for the sake of engaging and interacting in the comment section. On behalf of the entire WTLC staff, we'd like you to acknowledge the fact that all your investment and cooperation is totally appreciated by us and we hope that you keep it up. You guys are massively contributing in creating an interactive basketball environment filled with a variety of opinions, which is what we are striving for as a blogging website. Therefore, we thank you a lot!

Commenter Name Number of comments
RingoKid 1,773
bondom34 1,594
Mullayo 1,102
Sammy1 1,102
LastChance 855
Endless Paradise 701
concierge.wiz 621