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Kevin Durant uses LeBron and Jay-Z as role models, respects people who puts ideas into action

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated, the dot com variety, has a great Kevin Durant Q&A posted following all the media day frenzy. They delved into some of the business interests of KD following the release of his underwear line with Neff and Foot Locker. I found Durant's role models of particular interest: Do you have any roles models in the business world?

KD: I have a lot of role models. LeBron James is a guy that set the blueprint for guys like myself and I really appreciate that. Jay-Z of course is another person. He is somebody that started his own brand from the ground up and look how big it is now. Shaun started selling T-shirts out of his trunk and it has inspired me a lot as well and how quickly he was like "Let's just do this," and in a couple months you've seen a huge layout. So guys like that are really inspiring because they think about things and really put into action. A lot of people have thoughts that just sit there but these guys have really made it work.

Kevin Durant is all about the Type A personalities. He wants to be a doer, not a talker.