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The Thunder get a new orange alternate uniform for the 2015-16 season

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OKC will have 5 different jerseys to choose from this season.

Layne Murdoch

As WTLC reported back in July, the Thunder will be getting a secondary alternate jersey this season. The Thunder officially announced the new uniforms today, releasing high-resolution photos and video.

This new secondary alternate jersey will complement the Thunder's primary alternate jersey, which was revealed prior to the 2012 season. Additionally, the Thunder will continue using their sleeved white "pride" jerseys, which were revealed on March 1st. At a total of five jerseys (Home, Road, Alternate, Secondary Alternate, Pride), the Thunder are just one jersey short of the maximum allowed by the NBA. The only remaining category to not be filled is the "Hardwood Classic" uniform.

Also, the Thunder have had four different Christmas Day jerseys, which you can take a look at here.

The new jerseys represent the first time the Thunder have gone away from blue as the primary color. Given how prevalent blue is as a main color in the NBA, I'm happy to see the Thunder embrace their uniqueness with this jersey. It's also nice to see the Thunder focus on the darkness of the blue, so as to differentiate themselves from the orange Knicks alternates.

To me, OKC's new jerseys look like a toned down version of Golden State's orange alternate jersey from the mid-2000s. Mostly, it's because the two primary colors are the same. In truth, the concept behind these new uniforms is pretty basic, and I could give you a hundred designs that have the same stripe running down the side. But the uniforms are exceptionally clean when you compare them to a lot of modern designs. These uniforms could have been made in the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

I think that's what the Thunder are going for here. The uniforms give me the impression of timelessness, rather than trendiness. Frankly, it's like the Thunder are reaching out to fans and saying, "We're a long-term institution that's here to stay."

And in today's world of crazy neon Hawks uniforms, it's kind of cool to have a team that doesn't worry about all that guff. The Thunder save their style for the post-game press conferences.

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