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NBA 2K16 ranks Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook as 5th, 7th best player, respectively

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NBA 2K16 recently released their player rankings for the new video game, and they've got Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ranked #5 and #7, respectively. That drops KD down from his usual throne of "top 2" and makes Russ the 3rd highest rated point guard behind Stephen Curry and Chris Paul.

Durant's dip makes sense considering his injury situation.

Westbrook's rating of 89 is actually 1 point higher than his NBA 2K15 ranking. It also places him one point above Carmelo Anthony who was rated 88 last year.

I feel a little better now knowing that I live in a world where Russell Westbrook is considered better than Carmelo Anthony.

What do you all think about Russ and KD's rating? Seeing James Harden above Durant makes my eye twitch a little.