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Russell Westbrook named creative director for 2015 True Religion Holiday campaign

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Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook is not only involved with producing his own lines of fashion. He's now been named a campaign creative director for True Religion, a very fancy clothier based out of California. From Mesfin Fekadu of Yahoo News:

Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder player who launched a line at Barney's last year, said at True Religion, "my job is to come in with some more street style, different things that I see on a day-to-day basis from my peers."

Fans stood outside the New York store waiting for the celebrity — who has attended shows during Fashion Week — and cheered once he arrived. Outside of sports, Westbrook's colorful style has made headlines, and he's become a staple on the fashion scene, visiting fashion week in Paris and Milan.

"Growing up, I would never think I would be doing anything like this, in a store like this, so it's a blessing to be able to see all different kids and parents and everybody here — so it's good," he said.

But even with such a high profile gig, Russ didn't forget his fans. He ended up taking dozens of photos with regular ole people during the event.