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Steven Adams looks up to New Zealand captain Mika Vukona

Morne de Klerk/Getty Images

Even though Steven Adams has reached the apex league of professional basketball, he still admires one of his fellow Kiwis representing New Zealand back home. From Phillip Rollo at Stuff.Co.NZ:

But when it comes to finding a role model or someone to aspire to be, the Oklahoma City Thunder centre and New Zealand's only current NBA player has revealed that Tall Blacks and Breakers captain Mika Vukona is one of his favourite players.

"He went out everyday and he gave it his all. He's a true professional athlete. He's a really nice guy off the court as well," Adams said, at the home court of the Nelson Giants where Vukona has played much of his basketball.

While asking questions relating to his own future inclusion in the Tall Blacks squad were off limits at the small press conference at Nelson's Saxton Stadium on Thursday morning, Adams, wearing camouflage hunting gear, said the national team captain Vukona was a true professional and someone he models his own career on.

"I tried to pick up the way he held himself. He's just really professional.