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Kevin Durant on his foot before 3rd surgery: "It had a crack in it."

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kevin Durant revealed some additional details on his surgically repaired right foot that went under the knife for a 3rd time back on March 31st, 2015. Before that most recent procedure, Durant's 5th metatarsal was in pretty bad shape.

It had a crack in it.

That's pretty normal when it comes to sidewalks and driveways. It'll make your skin crawl when it applies to someone's foot. Kevin Ding at Bleacher Report elaborated and got Durant to further explain:

Durant used a controversial bone-graft material that is not FDA approved for use in the foot to promote greater bone growth this time. It mandated a longer recovery time in part because of an additional procedure to protect against overgrowth of bone.

"They stuffed some bone-graft thing in, and they pasted over the top of the area. That healed up in a couple of weeks," Durant said. "But then they stuck something else in there just to smooth it out and make sure it was thick. They did a lot."

"I got like an extra layer of bone on the side of my foot that they put in there," he said. "That's why it took longer to heal. Keep it firm. I could've gone another route with surgery. That was the longest, and that was the safest."

So KD actually has a double layer of bone over the fractured area in his right foot. I might have just gone with the duct tape, but it sounds like this was the best course of action for Durant's longterm NBA career.

And if Durant should someone grow tired of basketball, it sounds like he could probably kick the hell out of a football with his super-fortified foot!