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Sam Presti vows to match any Enes Kanter offer

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Sam Presti was able to get a statement out to Anthony Slater today. According to the statement, Presti is just as willing as ever to match Kanter's offer sheet.

It looks like the deal with the Blazers isn't official yet. Kanter wouldn't willingly pull a DeAndre Jordan here.  That would just mean less money. However, Presti's statement could discourage the Blazers from going through with the deal. In any case, both Adrian Wojnarowski and David Aldridge reported that Kanter would be signing the offer sheet with the Blazers. I'd be inclined to believe that it just takes a long time for these things to officially transpire. The safest thing to assume at this juncture is that Enes Kanter will be returning to OKC for max money.