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The Oklahoma City Thunder will sign Enes Kanter at any price

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A max deal is possible, but far from certain.

How much money do I want? Hmmmm....
How much money do I want? Hmmmm....
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Five days into free agency, Enes Kanter remains one of the few players still without a team. According to SB Nation, Kanter is the third best remaining free agent on the board, behind LeBron James and Josh Smith.

There's no drama surrounding Kanter's future, though. Despite not having signed yet, Kanter will almost certainly be playing next season in a Thunder uniform. As a restricted free agent, Kanter can sign with any team that he wants. But the Thunder have the right to match any offer that Kanter signs and force him to take it. So unless the Thunder aren't willing to fork over the money, Kanter can only control how much money he'll be earning.

The good news? The Thunder are willing to fork over the money. According to Vincent Goodwill on Twitter, OKC is offering Enes Kanter a deal starting at $15.5 Million per year. The Thunder will also match any offer made by another team. Given that the maximum another team could offer is starting at ~$16 Million per year, it seems very reasonable that OKC would be willing to go up in price a bit.

The only real question now is whether another team would be willing to risk giving Kanter a maximum deal. There have been no official rumors as of yet. But Anthony Slater came up with a very interesting idea on Twitter. According to Slater, the Blazers have cap space and a potential need for that type of player. With Aldridge gone, it only makes sense. So there are definitely still teams out there that could want to sign Kanter.

Still, opinions on Kanter throughout the league are all across the board. Some love Kanter's offensive skill and rebounding ability, while others hate his lack of awareness on defense and percieved immaturity. SB Nation's free agent rankings are a prime example of how lowly some think of Kanter. There, Kanter was ranked below Brendan Wright and Omer Asik. Thus, how much Kanter will be signing for is still very much up in the air.