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Thunder summer league player Quinn Cook: "All of these teams out here are looking for winners"

We talk to rookie Quinn Cook about his perception of the Orlando Summer League

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We're covering the Orlando Summer League for WTLC, and aside from the big names present in Orlando, there are a number of other players vying for a roster spot, either for OKC, or another team of whom the player catches their eye. I had a chance to interview undrafted free agent Quinn Cook to get his perspective on the Summer League.


Joey Conger: How has coming out of a program like Duke helped you as you prepare for the NBA?

Quinn Cook: Coach [Krzyzewski] really runs a pro style program. Just preparing for the game, studying for the game at a professional level, especially with his experience at Duke and then with USA Basketball. He kind of implements what he learns and brings it back every year. I think we have a little advantage, our four guys coming in [to the NBA] this year. The game's a lot faster. I think once we adjust to that, we'll be fine

JC:  What are you hoping to accomplish while in Orlando?

QC: I'm just trying to learn as much about the pro game as I can. there's a bunch of great coaches here, I'm coached by some great coaches. I'm just trying to pick their brain. It's been extremely hard.

JC: What do you think teams are looking for as they try to decide who they're interested in?

QC: I think the biggest thing is to compete. These people want to win. These teams wan to win. I know the Thunder, we've been working out since last Monday. We've been going at it two times a day. We're not out here just to play games; we're out here to compete and win. I think all of these teams out here are looking for winners.

JC: Who do you try to model your game after?

QC: Patty Mills is one guy I really look to. He brings a spark off the bench; a lot of energy, you know he's always ready. I obviously love Chris Paul. Isiah Thomas is up there. I really love the smaller guards. I see myself as a Patty Mills, CJ Watson backup point guard.


Many thanks to Cook for taking the time to talk to us and we will keep an eye on his progress.