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Westbrook debuts his Byredo cologne, Ibaka has shopping addiction

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In his efforts to take over the fashion world, Russell Westbrook has officially released his Byredo Westbrook cologne which you can now purchase from Barney's for $350.

The publication WWD covered the event and got some good quotes from Westbrook and others. Turns out that Russ tries to reign in the shopping in the off-season. Serge Ibaka, however, goes on Carrie Bradshaw rampages through fashion boutiques:

The mellow ambiance suited Westbrook. "This time of year, I really try to simmer down a little," he said. "I haven't been shopping in a while. I have so many clothes. I haven't worn stuff from last year yet."

The same can't be said for his Thunder teammate Serge Ibaka. After receiving a compliment from Westbrook on his fur-lined mules, Gorham recounted his run-in with Ibaka at the Gucci boutique where he found them. "Ibaka was buying half the store," he said.

As for the cologne, I'll definitely let you know what I think when I get around to sampling it. I'm definitely intrigued by the description of a "unisex concoction carries top notes of bergamot and osmanthus and mid notes of black violet and tobacco leaves, on a base of Haitian vetiver."