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Fans Deserve Adams vs. Bogut

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We still don’t know whether Steven Adams will be joining the Tall Blacks this August.

Make it happen!
Make it happen!
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I recently wrote an article for NZHoops talking about why it's important for Steven Adams to face off with Andrew Bogut this Summer. An excerpt is below.

Adams was not included in the initial 14-man roster produced by Tall Blacks coach Paul Henare in preparation for the team’s upcoming three-game European tour. The Tall Blacks, however, will name a separate squad for the 2015 FIBA Oceania Championships, commencing in Melbourne on August 15.

Adams had previously expressed a desire to play against Australia, and there can be little doubting Henare’s itch to add the former No. 12 overall pick to the fold. Whether Adams dons a Tall Blacks jersey next month is likely to come down to the wishes of Oklahoma City’s staff, though.

New Zealand currently doesn’t have a player who can compete with Australian centre Andrew Bogut—who stands at seven feet—in the size stakes. On paper, Adams is the only Tall Black who could reasonably be expected to tussle with Bogut in single coverage.

Hit the link for the full article!