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The Oklahoma City Thunder's all-time record against the NBA

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Who has OKC beaten the most? The least?

LeBron and the Cavs emerge as enemy numero uno.
LeBron and the Cavs emerge as enemy numero uno.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We're 7 years into the Thunder experience, and I'm still just as excited about having an NBA team as I was on Day 1. Seeing Oklahoma City get a chance to regularly compete with the nation's best is a true treat. As such, I like to keep track of the Thunder's all time records against each team. Here's the table I came up with:


The table is a lot to take in, so here's my main observations:

  • The 76ers have not beaten the Thunder since November 15th, 2008. Philly's starting lineup in that game was Miller-Iguodala-Young-Brand-Dalembert. It's worth noting that the 76ers have actually fared better than the Kings, Timberwolves, Wizards, and Hornets over the past 7 years. So this isn't necessarily a case of OKC beating up on the worst team.
  • Accordingly, the 76ers have the biggest difference between overall win percentage and win percentage against the Thunder.
  • Chicago, despite a .604 winning percentage overall, is only 4-9 against the Thunder. The Bulls represent the second biggest difference between overall win percentage and win percentage against OKC. I'd chalk it up to the Bulls being a defense-first team while OKC has regularly possessed one of the league's most potent offenses.
  • The Cavaliers were 3-5 against the Thunder without LeBron. Kyrie Irving certainly had something to do with that, and I remember Dion Waiters going off on OKC a couple of years ago.
  • OKC's combined record against LeBron is 3-10. LeBron has only missed one game against OKC, a Cavalier loss last year.
  • The Thunder have a winning percentage of .608, good for third best in the NBA over their entire existance. The only teams to post better records than that are San Antonio (.699) and Miami (.629).
  • Only five teams have a winning record against the Thunder. When I checked two years ago, seven teams had a winning record against OKC. Progress! (If you're wondering, the Lakers, Bucks, and Nuggets have all fallen under .500 in the past two years. The Clippers have moved above .500.)
  • Minnesota and Sacramento have lost to OKC 22 times each. That's five more times than the next worst team. When Kendrick Perkins famously said "These are still the _______ Sacramento Kings!" last season, he knew what he was talking about.
  • The Kings, Wizards, Horncats, and 76ers have never won in Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Pistons captured their first win in the Peake last season.
  • OKC has won a season series against every team in the NBA at some point. The last team to fall was San Antonio, whom went 0-4 against OKC in 2013-14.
  • The Bucks are 6-7 because OKC has thrown two games against them by resting starters. That's pretty much why Milwaukee is the highest team that's under .500 overall on the list.
  • Here's a link to the Thunder's five year splits, which I made back in 2013.

What do you think of the Thunder's 7 year splits? Any teams that you love/hate to play? Drop a comment and let us know!