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Dion Waiters wants to transform his body and "be cut up"

Dion Waiters is excited about the team he'll be suiting up with next season, and he's aiming to get more physically fit to help the cause of the Oklahoma City Thunder. From

It's going good," Waiters said. "I'm just trying to eat better, work out, lift and really focus on my core. Just really work on my body. Just try and transform. Be cut up... I've got a little bit to go. But continuing what I've been doing working out, trying to eat right and (the weight's) going to come off.

The more I looked through photos of Waiters the more I get what he's talking about. There's definitely some angles where he looks a little... puffy. And I say this as a blogger who would still kill to have the current physique of Dion Waters.

Photo: Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports