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Serge Ibaka will not play in NBA Africa game on August 1st due to injury

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Could his right knee still not be fully healed?

We're all shocked!
We're all shocked!
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Serge Ibaka may have not fully recovered from the right knee injury that sidelined him on March 13th. Ibaka will be sitting out of an exhibition game on August 1st, reportedly due to injury.

The NBA is scheduling a Team Africa vs. Team World matchup in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the time of the game's official announcement, Serge Ibaka was one of only six participants named. However, when the full rosters were released yesterday, it was revealed that Ibaka would not be able to play.

There's no official word on whether Ibaka's sitting out has to do with the injury that he suffered at the end of the regular season, or whether it's simply a precautionary measure. However, at the time of Ibaka's surgery (March 17th), it was estimated that Ibaka would recover between April 14th-28th. As of April 8th, Anthony Slater reported that Ibaka "wasn't close" to being ready to play.

Slater's latest prognosis would indicate some setback. Given that it will have been three months since the backend of Ibaka's original recovery date, this news is slightly worrisome. Still, after OKC's injury travesty last season, this simply may be a case of the Thunder wanting to play it safe.

Former Oklahoma City ballers Chris Paul and Jeff Green will be participating in the game on behalf of Team World. The game will air on ESPN at 8 AM CST. It will be played in support of several South African charities. For a full roster list, click here.