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2015 NBA Draft: OKC Thunder Big Board 2.0

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OKC promises Cameron Payne they'll pick him, but is he at the top of our list?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has changed since my last big board. The Thunder basically promised Cameron Payne that they would take him if he is available and they added a bright mind to their coaching staff in Monty Williams.

Here is the updated OKC Big Board:

1) Devin Booker, Kentucky

It seems as though the Thunder and I have different names atop our respective lists.  I'll admit it, Devin Booker grew on me.  My reasoning: Booker is a baby-face and baby-faced players are ALWAYS stars.  All joking aside, this ex-Wildcat would fit smoothly in OKC's roster as their only true 3-and-D player.  It has taken years for the Thunder to find another 3-and-D guy since Thabo in his prime, and this can be the year.  Booker also showed impressive athleticism during his combine workouts.

The big thing about Booker is that he is just 18 at the time, and while many draft prospects are around that age, it is rare to see this much consistency and IQ for the game.

2) Cameron Payne, Murray State

Payne has kept his spot at number two, and you can assume that if he is still on the board at 14, he will be donning blue and white soon.  Payne's talent cannot be denied.  He is one of the more NBA-ready guards in the draft and has the potential to be a key contributor in Oklahoma City.  As Westbrook's backup, he can lead the second unit and help create shots for his team.

Payne is on the lighter side so he will need to fill out a bit if he wants to drive against NBA big men, but his natural instincts and mental toughness will keep him in the lottery.

3) RJ Hunter, Georgia State

RJ Hunter was left off my list last time because I only saw him as a Devin Booker consolation prize, except he is much more inconsistent.  What scares me about Hunter is his inability to hit his shots game after game despite his team playing in an easy conference.  He shot 30% from three but is considered a "3-point specialist."  Still, I am a fan.  He has the physical tools and scoring instincts to contribute on that side.

Like I said before, I only want Hunter if Booker is off the board.  But I do think he has a future in the league, perhaps a bright one.

4) Kelly Oubre, Kansas

Oubre is the guy, according to Chad Ford's latest mock draft.  Oubre dropped three spots on my board simply because he is a project.  His immaturity and questionable shot selection may not translate well in the NBA and could prove to be detrimental in a system that relies mainly on two sources of scoring.  I don't want him to take shots away from Durant or Westbrook (that's Dion's job!), and I have a weird feeling that he will.

But then again, Oubre has a ton of potential as an all-around threat.  I just don't love the fit.