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2015 NBA Mock Draft: Chad Ford predicts Thunder will take Kelly Oubre at #14

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ESPN's Chad Ford released his Mock Draft 6.0 and has the Thunder going with a Jayhawk.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford recently released his latest mock draft with about one month until draft day.

This mock was identical to Ford's previous draft up until pick 11, where he has the Indiana Pacers picking Cameron Payne.  Three picks later, he has the Thunder taking Kelly Oubre of Kansas.  You can read about Oubre in DHazlewood's post, but in brief terms, he is a raw candidate.  Oubre was number one on my big board, but after watching numerous workouts, he has slipped a bit.

In Ford's reasoning for this pick, he highlights OKC's interest in Payne, but does not expect the guard to be available at 14.

The Thunder are very high on Payne -- to the point that several rival GMs believe they've promised Payne they'll take him at No. 14 if he's there. If Payne is gone, I'm not sure there's another point guard who makes sense for them.

Ford also adds that the Thunder are fans of Utah guard, Delon Wright, but that might be too big of a risk in the lottery.

Oubre has all the physical tools to be a star on both ends of the court. Patience and putting Oubre in the right culture will be the key. OKC could be great for his development in the long run

Oubre future in the NBA is in the hands of the coaches and trainers from wherever he goes.  If he is used the right way, he can be a star, but he can also be a disaster.

Does Ford have the order right? Should the Thunder take Kelly Oubre?  Is he worth the risk?