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Would the Thunder Draft a Big Man at Pick 14?

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Two scenarios make it possible!

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Assuming the Thunder re-sign Enes Kanter they will be blessed with arguably the deepest team in the NBA at power forward and center.

Center- Enes Kanter | Steven Adams

Power Forward - Serge Ibaka | Nick Collison | Mitch McGary

They are legitimately 5 deep at the position not including the very real option of having Durant play the Stretch 4/Playmaking 4 in certain lineups.

So would it even be possible or realistic to see the Thunder draft a player to an already stacked roster? The answer is doubtful, but here are two scenarios where the unlikely could (and we stress could) become reality.

1. The Thunder are Unable to Re-Sign Enes Kanter

While all evidence points to both the Thunder wanting to bring back Kanter and Kanter wanting to return, would the Thunder be willing to give Kanter a deal north of $15 million to keep him on the roster. NBA Free Agency is a strange beast, in that you never know which team with cap money available will decide to offer an outrageous amount of money. What if the Boston Celtics and their potential $20 million in cap space decide to go all in on Kanter? Would the Thunder match?

The problem with this scenario is that the NBA Draft is on June 25th. Free Agency doesn't start until July 1st. The Thunder might be able to speculate about a potential departure of Kanter, but they would be unable to know for sure. The NBA Draft will take place before they know the outcome with Kanter.

2. The Thunder Decide to Draft Best Player Available

Selecting 14th overall means lots of things can happen between pick 1 and 14. What if the NBA Draft looks like this leading up to the 14th pick?


Karl-Anthony Towns


Jahlil Okafor


D’angelo Russell


Emmanuel Mudiay


Wille Caulie-Stein


Justise Winslow


Mario Hezonja


Kristap Porzingas


Stanley Johnson


Devin Booker


Kelly Oubre


Cameron Payne


Sam Dekker

If this scenario were to happen the Thunder might then decide to draft best player available. The best players available at this point would include the likes of Frank Kaminsky, Myles Turner, Bobby Portis, Kevon Looney, and Trey Lyles. Each of these players is a post player. Before you think I'm crazy,

While many might say that the best player available in this scenario would be Justin Anderson, Jerian Grant, R.J. Hunter (me), or Tyus Jones, none of is Sam Presti. I would rather add a post player that has star potential or has the ability to play, than taking a wing player just because its an apparent need. Further a stretch 4 type of player could definitely carve out a niche on this Thunder team.

Here is how I would rank the possible big men should the Thunder decide to go this route.

Bobby Portis 6-11/246 from Arkansas

Frank Kaminsky 7-1/230 from Wisconsin

Christian Wood 6-11/216 from UNLV