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2015 NBA Mock Draft: what to expect tonight while we wait for the Thunder

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How will the lottery picks fall out tonight? Here is one educated guess.

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The Thunder draft at the #14 spot, assuming they don't make any additional moves to bolster their position. That means that 13 spots will be filled first, and here is my educated guess as for how it is going to fall out.

1. Wolves - Karl-Anthony Towns

This is an obvious pick. Towns is easily the best prospect in the draft. An uber-athletic big man that can block shots and has potential three point range doesn't come around very often.

2. Lakers - D'Angelo Russell

I think Russell at #2 is a clear choice as well. Okafor wouldn't be a good selection if the Lakers intend on keeping him. The lack of spacing and defense would come back to bite a Randle/Okafor frontcourt. Russell is a good fit for any team in today's NBA. A Harden-Esque game translates well from college. Russell can shoot threes and is deadly in the pick and roll.

3. 76ers - Kristaps Porzingas

The Sixers could draft Okafor here, but I doubt it. Philly is likely picking on upside, and Kristaps has plenty of it. Some scouting reports have him compared to Kevin Garnett, except he has a better shot.

4. Knicks - Jahlil Okafor

Okafor was the consensus #1 pick until he went to college, averaged 18-8, was an All-American, and won the National Championship. Just goes to show how the scouting process works. If NY drafts Okafor, this would allow them to commit resources to finding another wing player, a point guard, and some depth. Dream scenario for Phil Jackson; he gets the player they were tanking for anyway.

5. Magic - Justise Winslow

With Orlando still being a few years away from contention, this is a safe pick. They get a wing that has potential to be a #1 scoring option, and isn't too bad on defense. Winslow could play 2 or 3, depending on what you think Victor Oladipo is.

6. Kings - Mario Hezonja

This is a pick for a team that's about to trade its superstar big man. Hezonja and Cousins should not be allowed in the same room under any circumstances. If the Kings could end up swinging Cousins for Lawson, Chandler, and Faried, this team would contend for the playoffs and score about 140 points per game.

7. Nuggets - Emmanuel Mudiay

Drafting Mudiay allows Denver to do that Cousins trade and lose Lawson. Not sure how I feel about him as a prospect yet. Point guards with lack of range scream bust to me.

8. Pistons - Devin Booker

What the Pistons need more than anything is three point shooting. They're obviously recognizing this and traded for Ersan Ilyasova. Give me a reason why Devin Booker on Detroit can't be J.J. Redick on Orlando.

9. Hornets - Frank Kaminsky

Don't ask me why people are so high on Kaminsky. He seems more like Kelly Olynyk than Dirk Nowitzki. But Charlotte is high on him, and is trading all of their frontcourt players.

10. Heat - Willie Cauley-Stein

With Stein, this makes Hassan Whiteside very much available to trades. If not, bring Stein off the bench and let Whiteside walk in free agency next season.

11. Indiana - Cameron Payne

Payne seems like a good fit here. If they want him to start, I'd have him out there as a secondary ball handler that runs some pick and roll, and shoots threes. Paul George is about the only good asset Indiana has at this point.

12. Jazz - Stanley Johnson

Johnson has some good playmaking 4 potential. Rumors are starting to come out that Utah is making Derrick Favors available, so maybe a move to more modern lineups is coming. A stretch/playmaking 4 with a defensive anchor at center.

13. Suns - Trey Lyles

If the rumors that Phoenix is pursuing Kevin Love are true, this could make some sense. Lyles probably will never be a starting caliber PF - at least on a good team - but he could potentially be a perfect backup.

14. Thunder - Kelly Oubre

This seems like a match made in basketball heaven. The uber-athletic and super long Oubre gets drafted by a team that values athleticism and length and has a need on the wing. That need on the wing isn't a large one, but still. I doubt he'll play much next year, but as soon as 2016-17, Oubre could be the starting SG on OKC. A lineup of Russ/Oubre/KD/Ibaka/Adams could stop anyone. Offense isn't a problem for the Kansas product either. His shooting stroke looks great and he's already an excellent finisher in transition. He's not a great ball handler, but how much does Billy Donovan really need him to handle the ball when he has Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant? Oklahoma City will be renamed Basketball Utopia if this happens.

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