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NBA 2012 Re-Draft: Anthony Davis still above all, but who gets picked next?

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In 2012, Anthony Davis was the consensus #1. But who should have been taken next?

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In our final edition of the NBA re-draft series, we look back to 2012 where the #1 pick was a no brainer, but what happened next is still open for debate.


1) Hornets - Original Pick: Anthony Davis/New Pick: Anthony Davis

Is this even a debate? Anthony Davis is already seemingly the heir to the crown of best NBA player, and he's 22 years old. If New Orleans can ever get him some help, this is going to be a scary team. - Joey Conger

2) Bobcats - Original Pick: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist/New Pick: Damian Lillard

The Bobcats have a perfectly fine point guard in Kemba Walker...but they can't pass on a talent like Video Game Dame. Lillard has been the gift that keeps on giving in Portland with his string of playoff appearances. The Bobcats were looking to add some flare to the roster at the time, and Lillard is as energetic and passionate as they come.- Justin Danziger

3) Wizards - Original Pick: Bradley Beal/New Pick: Andre Drummond

With John Wall already in place, you can draft any other position here. Brad Beal isn't a bad pick by any means, but Wall to Drummond alley-oops are too good to pass up. This also sets up the Wizards nicely to form a top 5 defense. - Joey

4) Cavs - Original Pick: Dion Waiters/New Pick: Bradley Beal

Pre-LeBron, all Kyrie needed was a counterpart at shooting guard. Just like the way Wall-Beal works, I can see Irving-Beal working the same way. Irving doesn't have the defensive presence that Wall has, but he has a slight edge offensively. This duo would dominate in the points category. Enter LeBron in 2014-15...this team is even more dangerous than it was in real life.-Justin

5) Kings - Original Pick: Thomas Robinson/New Pick: Draymond Green

Draymond and Demarcus Cousins would be a terror on the court. Green is a playmaking 4 that can shoot threes and is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, while Boogie is a beast in the post and on the glass. They would hypothetically mesh perfectly. Off the court, this can go one of two ways.

1. Draymond's attitude brings the best out of Cousins and they form the core for a future NBA power.

2. The two players have a locker room fallout and one or both of them are traded.
There is no in between. - Joey

6) Blazers - Original Pick: Damian Lillard/New Pick: Harrison Barnes

It can be argued that Harrison Barnes would be a top 3 player in this draft if he followed the path he was on in high school. Barnes was projected to be the next Kevin Durant before college. However, some of his talent was wasted because he wasn't in the right system under Mark Jackson. Luckily, Steve Kerr was called in and Barnes was utilized a bit better. I just feel like if Barnes was in a different setting, he would be blossoming into a star.- Justin

7) Warriors - Original Pick: Harrison Barnes/New Pick: Jae Crowder

This may be a little bit of a reach, but hear me out. Crowder could be a perfect 3 and D player for a team like Golden State. I'm drafting him just to basically be Harrison Barnes. You know he'll play defense, and he'll have plenty of open looks on the other end. - Joey

8) Raptors - Original Pick: Terrence Ross/New Pick: Terrence Ross

The Raptors got this one right. Terrence Ross has been a solid contributor in Toronto. His shot hits somes rough patches occasionally but he is a polished scorer, capable defender (at times), and a promising young player.- Justin

9) Pistons - Original Pick: Andre Drummond/New Pick: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

So I have a different plan for the Pistons now that Drummond is off the board. MKG will play the 4 on this team, and will slide Greg Monroe to the 5. If MKG's shot improves, this could be a deadly combo. - Joey

10) Hornets - Original Pick: Austin Rivers/ New Pick: John Henson

The Hornets could have landed two long rim protectors in one year. John Henson has been a big reason why the Bucks are a team on the rise. The UNC product has provided scoring around the basket and solid defense. A Davis-Henson tandem could have been one of the most dominant forces in the league a few years down the road. It's that 7'6'' wingspan that gets a chip of the ball. Davis and Henson would complement each other well.- Justin

11) Blazers- Original Pick: Meyers Leonard/New Pick: Dion Waiters

Oh, yes. Dion is coming to tear up the Northwest. All jokes aside, this is a better fit than you'd think. Dame is off the board, so if Portland can sign another quality point guard, that would allow Dion to play spark plug. I really do believe that all Waiters needs is some stability. He's about to be going on is 4th coach in as many years. -Joey

12) Rockets - Original Pick: Jeremy Lamb/New Pick: Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones ended up on the Rockets regardless, but if scouts knew what he was capable of this early on, he would be off the board perhaps even sooner than this. Jones is a great all around threat who still has some more potential to fill out. He can move without the ball, score in transition, rebound. Jones is an important asset on the title aspiring Rockets. -Justin

13) Suns - Original Pick: Kendall Marshall/New Pick: Jared Sullinger

The Suns were hoping Marshall could replace Steve Nash. Well, he did, but it was on the Lakers. Sullinger can legitimately put up 18-8 on a team like this. An eventual lineup of Bledsoe-Dragic-Green-Markieff Morris-Sullinger would be impossible to stop offensively -Joey

14) Bucks - Original Pick: John Henson/New Pick: Meyers Leonard

Bucks strike out on Henson, Meyers Leonard is a good enough consolation prize. After a disappointing rookie season, Meyers Leonard didn't get much attention. He had a nice sophomore season, showing his potential as a stretch big man. He had some interesting defensive stands. I like Leonard a lot. He will never be a star, but I think he will always be an undervalued role player.- Justin