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NBA Draft 2015: Oklahoma City Thunder Big Board 3.0

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The final Big Board of 2015.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This is my third and final Thunder Big Board: my official list going into the draft. My first big board looked nothing like my second big board, so expect something new this time around.

With rumors about potential trades and targets, it is easier to gauge who the Thunder will and should take with the 14th pick. So, here it goes!

1) Cameron Payne, Murray State

Payne has worked his way up my board and into my heart. The mid-major point guard is smart, first and foremost, and a clear cut playmaker. He has trouble scoring at the rim, but why would he need to score that way when he's on a team with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? One of the most appealing attributes of Payne is his floater, which seemed impossible to block in college. Overall, I am just a huge fan of this guy. I love the way he runs the pick and roll, I love the way he distributes the ball. I truly believe somewhere down the road, Payne can be a candidate for Sixth Man of the Year.

2) Devin Booker, Kentucky

It is highly unlikely that Devin Booker falls into the lap of the Thunder this late in the draft, but the Hornets just added decent three-point shooter to their bench, so they may pass on him. Booker is a three-point specialist who shows mature mechanics as one of the younger guys in his class. He was a phenomenal scorer at Kentucky, and far more than a one dimensional player. Booker is often underrated as an athlete and defender, and put up pretty impressive numbers at the combine.

3) Sam Dekker, Wisconsin

The more I watch Sam Dekker, the more I appreciate his potential. He was never a lights out shooter at Wisconsin, but he had a decent stroke and hit some strides when he was draining three after three. I like to think of Dekker as a jack of all trades, just a master of none. He isn't a lockdown defender, though he can defend. He isn't an artist in isolation, though he can create. He will make his money in the NBA as an all-around threat, especially on offense. He's another smart player who has skills without the ball, with the ball, and on defense. If Payne and Booker are off the board, I say go with Dekker.

4) Trey Lyles, Kentucky

Welcome to the Big Board, Trey Lyles. I love his potential as a stretch forward, but most of all, an all-around threat. He isn't much of a rim protector, but he showed slight flashes in his minimal playing time with the Wildcats. He was tangled between Karl-Anthony Towns, Willie Cauley-Stein and other Kentucky big men in the rotation, but was a contributor nevertheless. He's got size, IQ, and a whole lot of potential. Lyles has gotten attention from the Knicks, Pistons and Pacers, but may fall draft night.