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Russell Westbrook is one of the "Most Stylish Men Alive"

Dapper is his middle name.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

GQ Magazine has named Oklahoma City star Russell Westbrook one of the most stylish men on the planet. GQ's July issue will feature profiles on the 20 Most Stylish Men Alive based on the following criteria:

GQ analyzed the nominees not based on what they wore to events and red carpets, but based on something much real-er. Their street style. The selection process was scientific. Hundreds of candidates considered. Thousands of street photos analyzed. GQ looked for guys who carry themselves with confidence and originality and whose moves we most want to steal.

Everyone wants to steal Russ's moves, but unless you're going to be buying some of his new NBA-inspired eyewear, good luck on replicating anything Westbrook does otherwise.

Russ joins other celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Pharrell Williams, Brad Pitt, Jay Z, Kanye West, Bradley Cooper, Jeff Goldblum (wait... really?), Jared Leto, LeBron James, A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles, Daniel Craig, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Mayer, Jaden Smith (wait... the list did say "men" right?), David Beckham, Mark Ronson, Mario Balotelli and Eddie Redmayne.

It's worth noting that Russ won't actually appear on the cover of any of GQ's magazines celebrating this list, but Kevin Durant did make an appearance earlier this year. I guess there's only room for so much Thunder.