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NBA Draft: Re-drafting the 2013 draft; who went wrong?

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WTLC continues its re-draft series and takes a look at what went wrong in 2013.

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We continue our NBA re-draft series with 2013. While 2014 was mostly right, 2013 had a number of head-scratchers.


1) Cavs - Original Pick: Anthony Bennett/New Pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo

With their backcourt seemingly set in Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, the Cavs needed a defensive wing to pair with the young guards. The Greek Freak would be a perfect fit. With LeBron James set to come in a year, Giannis would give David Blatt some flexibility with his lineups. - Joey Conger

2) Magic - Original Pick: Victor Oladipo/New Pick: Rudy Gobert

The Stifle Tower had a surprising, yet phenomenal season as a defensive powerhouse for the up and coming Utah Jazz. Many pundits saw Gobert as a stiff with no fluid movement; he may turn out to be the gem of this draft class. He has provided priceless rim protection with his ridiculous size. This guy would be hard to pass up if GMs knew what he was capable of. Gobert can fit nicely next to the offensive dominant Nikola Vucevic. This adds a nice ying and yang balance to the Magic's frontcourt.- Justin Danziger

3) Wizards - Original Pick: Otto Porter/New Pick: Steven Adams

Small forward was the biggest need for the Wiz. With Giannis off the board, there are no SF's that are worth the 3rd pick. Frontcourt depth seemed to be the next biggest need, so that's what they did. Not only does Adams give the Wizards a young big to pair with their backcourt, it gives them a center that can potentially have a defense built around him. Not bad for the 12th man in an 11 player draft. - Joey

4) Bobcats - Original Pick: Cody Zeller/New Pick: Victor Oladipo

The Hornets are making this pick without Lance Stephenson, so Victor Oladipo is a nice fit. Oladipo has had a solid two seasons in the NBA as both a capable scorer and efficient wing defender. Overall, he is a guy that teammates love being around, and the Hornets could use some camaraderie and positive spirit after the season they just had. Oladipo wouldn't be needed to be a primary, or even secondary scorer. He can spend most of his energy working hard on defense and hustling.- Justin

5) Suns - Original Pick: Alex Len/New Pick: Nerlens Noel

With a ton of depth in the backcourt and on the wing, a rim protector is a big need for Phoenix. In 2013, Phoenix was planning a massive rebuild. Picking a player that would have to sit out the year and fills a need is a great pick. - Joey

6) 76ers - Original Pick: Nerlens Noel/New Pick: Michael Carter-Williams

He can't shoot, but he's still the Rookie of the Year. MCW had an ugly rookie season but put up the necessary stats to win Rookie of the Year. Carter-Williams won't be a star in the NBA, he doesn't have the jump shot to make it to that level. But he will be a valuable slasher and defensive stopper with his great size for his position. Whether the 76ers would hang onto him or trade him away, there is a spot for MCW in this league.- Justin

7) Kings - Original Pick: Ben McLemore/New Pick: Ben McLemore

The Kings have a lot of needs. After 2013, SG is not one of them. One of the few good moves made by the Sacramento leadership. - Joey

8) Pistons - Original Pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope/New Pick: Kentavious Caldwell Pope

Again, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope will never be a star, but he will be a highly valued role player...he also has three names like Carter-Williams. KCP had a fine year on the Pistons, averaging 12.7 points per game on decent percentages. He has a future as a marksman, he just needs to find some consistency.- Justin

9) Jazz - Original Pick: Trey Burke/New Pick: Dennis Schroder

Utah had the right idea when trading for Trey Burke on draft night, They just picked the wrong scoring point guard. Schroder provides a much more well rounded game. He can score, distribute, and has all the tools to be a good defender. - Joey

10) Blazers - Original Pick: CJ McCollum/New Pick: Tony Snell

The Blazers are looking for depth at the wing and Tony Snell would bring them what they need. Snell has broken out sporadically throughout the season for the Bulls. He is known to be a capable defender, and his shot, when it is falling, can be a dagger in the opposing team's heart. Snell has a future as a bench player, even 6-man. He's long, he's hungry, and he is ready to give it his all every time he touches the floor - Justin

11) 76ers - Original Pick: Michael Carter-Williams/New Pick: Gorgui Dieng

With Nerlens off the board and a massive rebuild in store, Philadelphia might as well pick another raw big man. Dieng doesn't have the star potential that Noel did, but he'll get plenty of opportunity to improve his game (and his trade value). - Joey

12) Thunder - Original Pick: Steven Adams/New Pick: Mason Plumlee

Steven Adams is gone, so why not take the best big man available? Mason Plumlee had an up and down season, but with the Thunder, he would be placed in a larger role. Plumlee showed signs of offensive and defensive maturity, so he would work well alongside Enes Kanter, or as I like to call him, The Turnstile.- Justin

13) Celtics - Original Pick: Kelly Olynyk/New Pick: Tim Hardaway Jr.

Right after trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, it was obvious that Boston was rebuilding. The best available player is the way to go, and THJ is just that. - Joey

14) Wolves - Original Pick: Shabazz Muhammad/New Pick: CJ McCollum

The Timberwolves have decent depth at point guard with Rubio and Lavine, but McCollum is the best player available at this point. McCollum has had some decent seasons on the Blazers despite his consistent injuries. It is hard to say how good he would be on a team that doesn't have a star point guard like Damian Lillard. McCollum is a capable scorer and a well liked person. He would add a good dynamic to the team.- Justin