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2015 NBA Draft: Which players will the Thunder look at in the second round?

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As owners of the 48th pick in the draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder will seek value in the second round. Which prospects may provide it?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While we've had lots of speculation surrounding the 14th pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, we shouldn't forget that the Thunder will have a pick in the second round (48th overall). Second round picks in the NBA Draft may often be complete afterthoughts – some think of it as when teams draft a player with a name we can't pronounce or a lifetime D-League player.

There are, however, some amazing success stories for prospects in the second round who not only go on to be rotational players, but also experience stardom. For those wondering what could be found in the second round, here are some notable players selected in the second round from the last six drafts.


K.J. McDaniels 6-6/205 (32nd Pick)
Jordan Clarkson 6-5/185 (46th Pick)


Ray McCallum 6-3/190 (36th Pick)


Draymond Green 6-7/230 (35th Pick)
Khris Middleton 6-7/225 (39th Pick)


Chandler Parsons 6-9/227 (38th Pick)
Isaiah Thomas 5-9/185 (60th pick)


Hassan Whiteside 7-0/265 (33rd Pick)
Lance Stephenson 6-5/230 (40th Pick)


Jodie Meeks 6-4/210  (41st Pick)
Patrick Beverly 6-1/210 (42nd Pick)
Danny Green 6-6/215 (46th Pick)
Patty Mills 6-0/185 (55th Pick)

While this list doesn't list the overwhelming majority of players who have done nothing in the NBA, it does tell us that value, and in some cases, borderline stars can be found in the 2nd round. Had I gone back further, you would have seen DeAndre Jordan, Manu Ginobili, and Paul Millsap on this list as second round picks.

So while the odds of finding a star in the second round are not favorable, we want to toss out a few names who the Thunder could pick up that could, in time, be difference makers themselves.

Richaun Holmes (6-10/243) from Bowling Green

Holmes averaged 8.0 rebounds per game to go along with 2.7 blocks. He's got the size and athleticism to take a flier on.

Michael Frazier (6-5/200) from Florida

Frazier is familiar with Donovan and was a 43% 3-point shooter during his three years in Gainesville. The Thunder could do worse.

Tyler Harvey (6-4/180) from Eastern Washington

It's never bad to take a flier on a guy who led the NCAA in scoring at 24.5 points per game. Harvey accomplished that feat while knocking down nearly 41% of his 3-point shots and nearly 86% of his free throws.