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2014 NBA Draft: Re-drafting last year's class

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WTLC breaks down previous drafts and how it should have unfolded after seeing how each prospect performed in their rookie years.

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The draft is approaching, so there is no better way to celebrate than to "re-draft" classes from previous years. First, the 2014 draft.

1) Cavs -  Original Pick: Andrew Wiggins/New Pick: Andrew Wiggins

Since the Kevin Love trade didn't happen on draft night, Andrew Wiggins will be a Cavalier. There's not a much better fit for the Cavs at this time. You get a wing player that can take some of the defensive pressure off LeBron. It would also allow Wiggins to not have to be the guy on a team right away.- Joey Conger

2) Bucks - Original Pick: Jabari Parker/New Pick: Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker may have torn his ACL early in the season, but he probably would have won Rookie of the Year if he stayed healthy. Parker is a man with a mission: to prove his value and show that he is worthy of the second pick. The Bucks are a team on the rise with young talent overflowing the bench. Having Parker thrown in the mix will open even more opportunities for this team, especially in the scoring department.- Justin Danziger

3) 76ers - Original Pick: Joel Embiid/New Pick: Marcus Smart

With Nerlens Noel already in the fold, guard seemed to be the way to go. Especially with Joel Embiid suffering a setback on his foot. Though Smart would be allowed time to develop, he might punch a teammate after so many losses.- Joey

4) Magic - Original Pick: Aaron Gordon/New Pick: Elfrid Payton

The Magic ended up acquiring Payton through the 76ers, so it all worked out in the end. Afroman proved to be a valuable floor general, showing off his feel for the game with crisp passes and alley-oops to Victor Oladipo. His jump shot hasn't improved much, and it may never get better, but Payton showed that he wasn't drafted to shoot three. He was drafted to be a hard-nosed defender and a pass-first point guard.- Justin

5) Jazz - Original Pick: Dante Exum/New Pick: Aaron Gordon

With the league having a plethora of point guards, it's not a top need for the Jazz. A midseason trade could always be made for a Reggie Jackson or Isaiah Thomas. Players with uber-athletic ability and playmaking 4 potential are much more rare, Gordon would give the Jazz a whole new level of flexibility to go small, and still guard most power forwards.-Joey

6) Celtics - Original Pick: Marcus Smart/New Pick: Joel Embiid

No one could have seen this coming. Joel Embiid, the Kansas center who was the consensus number one pick until a navicular bone injury came about, dropped all the way to six, and right into the lap of the center hungry Celtics. Boston was yet another successful young squad, and while Embiid's debut has been delayed due to complications, he is still a can't miss big man, especially with a team in search of a consistent 7-footer.- Justin

7) Lakers - Original Pick: Julius Randle/New Pick: Julius Randle

The injury that ended Julius Randle's season may have been a blessing in disguise for the Lakers. That doesn't make it a bad pick. For a team with so many holes (especially at shooting guard), drafting the best available player is definitely the way to go.- Joey

8) Kings - Original Pick: Nik Stauskas/New Pick: Dante Exum

Nik Stauskas may end up being the bust of the draft if he continues to fail at his craft, three point shooting. The Kings would have been lucky if Exum fell this far because his rookie campaign was not publicized enough. Exum was a backup for most of the season, but he showed flashes of smart plays and driving to the basket using his valuable length. Sacramento's gamble on Darren Collison played out well, but Exum can be the next big thing for Kings.- Justin

9) Hornets- Original Pick: Noah Vonleh/New Pick: Jusuf Nurkic

The 2014 Draft was before the death of the Hornets (also known as signing Lance Stephenson). Their biggest need was perimeter shooting. The bad news is there isn't a lot of great shooters that could fill a rotation spot on a playoff team. However, another need was a PF/C that could potentially replace Al Jefferson. Nurkic can fill that need.- Joey

10) Magic - Original Pick: Elfrid Payton/New Pick: Dario Saric

Dario Saric has been enjoying his time overseas and does not plan on leaving for the 2015-16 season. Nevertheless, he is lighting up Europe with his dazzling moves and NBA-like talent. Saric's success in Europe should be a strong indication of his pure potential, and the Magic could use another young, soon-to-be star.- Justin

11) Bulls - Original Pick: Doug McDermott/New Pick: Jordan Clarkson

One of the biggest surprises in the draft, Jordan Clarkson would be a great backup point guard for Chicago. Instead of signing veterans to one year deals, why not just draft one that can fill the need for years to come? Clarkson can also be a scoring threat and play off the ball.- Joey

12) 76ers - Original Pick: Dario Saric/New Pick: Jerami Grant

Another day, another lottery pick for the 76ers, who are still working on rounding out their team. Jerami Grant was a second round pick for the Sixers, but snagging him here is fitting for his successful rookie season. Grant proved that any raw prospect can learn to shoot the ball. He has already been known to play defense against numerous positions, but now he has an offensive side to him, which makes him a dangerous weapon for the future.- Justin

13) Wolves- Original Pick: Zach LaVine/New Pick: Mitch McGary

Even while injured, McGary was one of the steals in the draft. Drafting McGary would allow the Wolves to trade Nikola Pekovic and have someone to compliment Gorgui Dieng in their future frontcourt.- Joey

14) Suns - Original Pick: TJ Warren/New Pick: KJ McDaniels

The Phoenix Suns are still trying to figure out who they are, and hopefully KJ McDaniels can aid in that process. McDaniels was another second round steal for Sam Hinkie, but he was traded midseason to the Houston Rockets who barely let McDaniels touch the floor. Still, he showed his pure athleticism through jaw dropping blocks, dunks, and steals. McDaniels is a well-rounded wing, one that should have been taken in the first round.- Justin

Do you agree with our selections?  Let us know in the comments!