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Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions

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The 2014-15 NBA season comes to a close.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors and their legions of fans, both at Golden State of Mind and elsewhere, for winning the 2014-15 NBA Championship. The Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 6, 105-97 and won the series overall, 4-2.

The Warriors had to overcome Finals jitters as well as an unprecedented Finals performance by LeBron James. In the end however, Golden State's superior talent and depth were too much for Cleveland to overcome.

And so the 2014-15 NBA season comes to a close. We Thunder fans endured an up-and-down season for 8 months, and it will always leave a question in the air, "what if?" That question, and the answers that never come, are what make the sports fan experience so frustrating, yet so emotionally impactful.

Thank you to all the Thunder fans who made the season memorable and enjoyable by participating here at WTLC and elsewhere. It is a shared experience that means something, even if the team itself fell short of our ideals. camp is only 4 months away...and Warriors, be ready to come out to play.