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Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You, Thunder fans!

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May the Fourth be with you, Thunder fans!

Cover me, Porkins!
Cover me, Porkins!

Today is, of course, Star Wars Day. While some SW fans are building LEGO monuments and others are trolling the fanbase, we at WTLC look back and reminisce on some of our Star Wars themed Thunder Photoshops over the years.


Russell Westbrook riding an AT-AT around the Boathouse District of Oklahoma City, because he's Russell Westbrook and he does these things from time to time.

Go for the ankles, hit them low. Like Matt Barnes would do.

Help us Russell Westbrook, you're our only hope!

The first Death Star was destroyed a long time ago. However, a second Death Star is being built in Los Angeles by a madman named Steve Ballmer.

"Stay on target...stay on target..."

Don't ask questions, if Westbrook wants to include Falcor in the Star Wars universe that's cool with me.


Great for escaping an AT-AT attack and makes for an excellent sleeping bag.

"Strike me down and I will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine. Mostly because we'll have KD and Ibaka back, but still."

Russell Westbrook's fashion adventures.

"Chewie, it's been almost five days and I haven't backed out yet. We're home."