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Adrian Wojnarowski: Brooks likely to take next season off as an NBA coach

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Scott Brooks may take a short break from the NBA sidelines.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being offered interviews with the Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans, Scott Brooks will likely sit out of coaching next season, according to Yahoo Sports.

The former Coach of the Year will pass on the interviews with the two coach-less teams in order to pursue other endeavors at present.  He plans on staying in the NBA and coaching in the future (he is just 49 years old).

Brooks, 49, wants to coach again but plans to take the year to look at television opportunities and reconnect with his family living in California, sources said.

Brooks was sent on a roller coaster ride this season as the Thunder could not stay healthy and win games consistently. To say that this playoff-less season was the main reason why he got fired is not true at all, though it certainly was taken into account.  Brooks has been bombarded by critics for the past few seasons, mostly on his lack of creativity and effectiveness with his superstar filled roster.  He has also raised eyebrows on his questioning substitutions. Nevertheless, he knows basketball and has earned the right to either coach or be a TV analyst.

What do you think about Brooks' decision to possibly take the year off from coaching?  Let us know in the comments!