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2015 NBA Draft Lottery: Oklahoma City Thunder Live Thread

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Where do the Thunder draft this year?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For only the second time since the Oklahoma City Thunder have been the Thunder (not the Seattle Supersonics) they are in the draft lottery.  They last time they were in the lottery (with their own pick) they drafted a guy by the name of James Harden at number three overall in 2009.

Last year the Thunder were ravaged by injuries to both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  Both were top four picks in their respective drafts. These guys could use a little help and new coach Billy Donovan could use another weapon out there on the court in his rookie year.

Ideally the Thunder would get the number one pick, but the odds of that are slim to none (0.5%).  The most likely landing spot is #14 overall and the highest chance to move up is probably #11 overall. With this loaded draft though being in the lottery is not a bad thing.

Westbrook is the Thunder rep for the Draft Lottery.

What is your guess on where the Thunder land?