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Thunder Christmas Day 2015 uniforms leaked

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Compared to OKC's older X-Mas day fare, these new duds are sick!

Now with 100% more winter!
Now with 100% more winter!
Paul Lukas

The Oklahoma City Thunder's 2015 Christmas Day uniforms have been leaked by Paul Lukas of Uniwatch. It's rare for NBA fans to get a look at a jersey so early. Usually, the jersey designs aren't known until the schedule is set in August.

As with all recent editions of the Christmas Day uniforms, there is a unifying theme amongst the designs. This year's theme appears to be a special "christmas-y" font that is present in every design's team name and player numbering. The uniforms are strictly two-colored as well, casting aside the third color for the sake of uniformity.

The 2015 X-Mas uniforms are rather notable for two reasons. For one, they are extremely similar to the Thunder's alternate uniforms. For two, they emphasize dark blue as the team's primary color. This was probably done to differentiate OKC from teams like the Knicks and Warriors, whom have remarkably similar designs.

The Thunder have participated in the NBA's Christmas Day games since 2010, and the NBA has produced uniforms for the occasion since 2012.* Here's what OKC's designs have looked like in the past.

Christmas 2012 (L @ Heat, 103-97):

Christmas 2013 (W @ Knicks, 123-94):

Christmas 2014 (W @ Spurs, 114-106):

Which Christmas Day design has been your fav? Drop a vote and let us know!

*I previously stated that OKC had only played on Christmas Day since 2012. They've actually done it since 2010. Apologies for the error. (You'd think I'd know, having seen all of the games)