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2014-15 Thunder Player Grades: Reggie Jackson was terrible

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Reggie got his wish.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Full Name: Reginald Shon Jackson

Nickname: "Reggie" or as I liked to call him, "Trade Bait"

Contract Status: Is a Restricted Free Agent this summer. Will probably seek a max contract (Hint: He won't get it)

Notable Factoid: Reggie didn't become an American citizen until April 2008 due to him being born and raised in Italy

Player History

After graduating from a Colorado Springs high school in 2008, Reggie committed to play at Boston College. Jackson spent three years in Boston, eventually declaring for the NBA Draft in 2011. Oklahoma City was rumored to have promised to draft Jackson with their 24th overall pick that year, prompting Reggie to not workout for any other teams.

During his first year in the league, Reggie got virtually no playing time. He was playing behind two established point guards in Russell Westbrook and Eric Maynor, prompting OKC to send him to Tulsa several times.

His second season was where things took off for Jackson. Maynor was gone, but he was still playing behind Derek Fisher. That is, until Patrick Beverley did Patrick Beverley things and took Westbrook out for the 2013 playoffs. As a starter for the rest of the playoffs, Jackson averaged 15-5-4 as OKC got beat in Round 2 by the Memphis Tony Allens.

Going into his third NBA season, Jackson was expected to be a Sixth Man of the Year candidate. Things changed when Westbrook had to go under the knife again before the season. Westbrook eventually showed his Wolverine like healing powers, coming back 3 games into the season. Jackson was forced into the starting role again later in the year as Westbrook had some knee swelling after his triple double against the Knicks on Christmas. That January Reggie did his best Russ impersonation as Kevin Durant Kevin Duranted all over the league.

Preseason Expectations

I saw this season going one of two ways for Reggie. He could either play his butt off and eventually earn a big contract that OKC may or may not match OOOOOOR he could sulk through the season and hurt his value. Guess which one happened.

Regular Season Grade: F-

I refuse to believe that Reggie Jackson didn't single handily hurt every player on the roster. He averaged 10 and 3 while coming off the bench and it seemed so much worse.

Most Notable Game/Moment: Getting Frozen Out by Perk and Ibaka

Also, Reggie's first game this season. Imagine if Perk and Reggie had to sit next to each other on their flight out of town. Awkward.