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Anthony Morrow has a Super Mom

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Mother's Day! Here's an excerpt from a great piece from Anthony Slater on the relationship Anthony Morrow has with his mother and the journey they've traveled together:

In his first career start, Morrow had 37 points. In his first season, he led the NBA in 3-point percentage. His place in the league was soon solidified.

But for a time, he wasn't financially set. He was on a partially guaranteed deal at Golden State, living out of a downtown Oakland hotel. For most of his rookie year, he didn't have a car. But his mother did. "Got her a car and that condo before I got myself a car," Anthony said.

Two years later, he signed a three-year, $12 million deal in New Jersey. He moved her from that condo to a nice house, a gated community.

She worked three jobs to ensure he got this point. So once there, Anthony didn't want her to work one job. He set her up so she didn't have to.

But Angela refused. She had to stay active somehow. So these days, she does some volunteer work, helps manage one of Anthony's foundations and, of course, works to help better the Charlotte public school system. She's even a part-time bus driver.

"Seeing my Mom maneuver through all that and raise me and work hard like that and move up even though we lost the house," he said. "I'm like, you the real person that needs to get recognition."

Kevin Durant has a saying for this, I believe.