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Thunder looking for tame ego during coaching search

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoman has posted an article entailing some of what the Thunder's brass is looking for in their search for a new head coach to replace the recently-fired Scott Brooks. Sam Presti says they've got their "type" identified:

"We have a pretty clear identity of the type of person and specific vision for that role going forward."

And two other front office voices chimed in with more clarification:

"You can't have an ego," Thunder assistant general manager Troy Weaver told The Oklahoman earlier this month about working in the organization.

Added director of basketball operations Paul Rivers: "Egos, it just doesn't work here. You won't survive. That'll be your fastest way out the door."

It'll be interesting to see who the Thunder start bringing in for interviews as "ego" and "NBA" are a frequent pairing these days.