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Sam Presti, pick up the phone and call me

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I wonder, just exactly who is Sam Presti's number one guy? I've read speculation ranging from current Chicago head coach Tom Thibodeau to the Thunder in studio analyst Nancy Lieberman! NANCY LIEBERMAN?!?... oooh wait, she's the most honored female basketball.... hmm... ever.... coached some D-League? OK then, I've heard crazier ones than that today. Kevin Ollie's name has been tossed in, tossed out, tossed in (I have to remember to search around and see if he is in or out today), and Gators head coach Billy Donovan. I see Mark Jackson is getting some support around the net....humph.

Why not me? My name is in the phone book isn't it?!? He can reach me. I know it's a dirty job, but I'm willing and somebody has to do it!! I officially submit my name to be the next head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder. There, it's done.

If nobody on your list wants the job, give me a call Sam, I'm your guy...... I can wait.....(Jeopardy Music inserted here)... the phone isn't ringing Sam.... Sam?....OH! I get it.. your waiting to talk the main guy you want first... oh, I see... and I'm not him... well ok then.... I  won't wait up...


What's the hold up?

Let's think about this for a little bit. Maybe Presti's number one guy is????... AHA!...still coaching!! and saying hold what you got Sam, I'm a little busy right now but I'll get back to ya...

Now we're gettin' somewhere...

So if the guy is still coaching, who is he...or she? There are a lot of  names I've seen tossed out there still coaching. Ettore Messina for the Spurs, Alvin Gentry with Golden State, the a fore mentioned Tom Thibodeau with the Bulls, just to name drop a couple I've seen as this expert or that expert's "must hire" savior of the poor floundering Thunder.

(Maybe not floundering so much since The Professional Basketball Club, LLC welcomed George Kaiser and his 10 ba-ba-ba-billions with open arms into the fold a year ago...SMALL MARKET THAT!!)

That still leaves a pretty good sized list. Who is the coach Sam Presti wants to talk to first? Maybe, and again, I'm just tossing it out on the lawn, see if the cat will lick it up, maybe that list will get smaller as teams start dropping out of the playoffs?

That's probably it!

OK Sam, I'll wait, but if that number one guy says no and you work down your list and can't find anyone else. I'll just find a copy of NBA Coaching for Dummies, and we'll get'er done! HOLLA!